Hearts of Ukraine Call to Care

Hearts of Ukraine is a series of micro-videos that share the ❤️s of global volunteers at Ukraine Now, as they help support the people of Ukraine, alongside the Ukrainians’ deep gratitude. Edited from Storytime gatherings, hosted and produced by the Village, Hearts of Ukraine aims to move and inspire us all to rise above our cynicism and despair– and care for each other.

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Everything you do is incredible…

Iryna is a Ukrainian volunteer on the ground in Kyiv. When she cries, can you feel it in your heart? Can you feel it across the world? Like so many Ukrainians, Iryna is deeply grateful for our support. We have so much to give each other. ❤️

If a missile hits my building

Bohdan shares the moment when he went from living life in his homeland, to the moment he realized he had to leave. Can you imagine how he feels?


Creative Director: Brenda Keesal
Lead Editors: Camillo DeSantis, Roxane Gotz
Editors: Sashka Avanyan, Mona Fox, Clayton Masales  
Music Composed by: Ned Bouhalassa
Graphic Design: Mat Kaweczynski, Twin Collective

Special Thanks to: Katrin Bleskova, Artur Kiulian, Daniel Lindenberger, Olha Lozovska, Rachael Madore, Sameem Monzaviyan, Tetiana Poudel, Veronika Shevenko, Alicja Snarska, Aishwarya Subramanian, Mariam Zohouri, & all the unforgettable volunteers at Ukraine Now, who inspire us to get and stay involved. 

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