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Ukraine Now Global Volunteers Gathering

Open hearts — open hearts. If you are willing to share a little bit of yourself, to open up to somebody, even a stranger, it’s remarkable what can happen.

From Hearts of Ukraine campaign, the Village

Brenda Keesal, Founder/Creative Director, The Village, hosts Global Volunteers at Ukraine Now

Ukraine Now Global Volunteers Gathering

Sometimes I have to laugh in hysteria… sometimes I have to cry in public.

From Hearts of Ukraine campaign, the Village

Artur Kiulian, Founder, Ukraine Now, CoronaWhy

It’s my second time being with you. It’s just beautiful to feel the warmth, the love from everyone here. The beautiful energy, I can feel it through the screen.

Seynabou, Storytime Online, The Village


We aim to go deep, get inspired and take risks. To listen to others and hear ourselves. To go from being alone, to coming together.

We are the story.

Storytime is the root system of the Village — virtual gatherings where we share, listen to and talk about our stories, inspired by talented, trained hosts. No one has to share, but the vibe is so open and inviting, most do.

The Village Media Platform produces web series, podcasts, playlists, and an ever-growing database of our amazing human story. We create social impact campaigns, like our first, Hearts of Ukraine, where we host Storytime gatherings with a global group around a challenging topic, and turn it into a series of videos, to help inspire and uplift the people of the world… to action!

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